NASM Certified personal trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Nutrition Specialist

Senior Fitness Specialist

BM in Ethnomusicology from the University of Colorado, Boulder
Minor In Japanese
Minor in Integrative Physiology
MM in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Denver

"If you're going to mop the floor, you better be the best floor mopper in the world" -Carlos Santana.


"I believe that every aspect of our lives are interconnected to fitness.  If your health is not well, you cannot expect to be great in any aspect of your life: work, family, and happiness. 
Regardless of our fitness goals, everything we are searching for is related to our happiness or quality of life.  Weight loss will make you happier, feeling pain free will increase your quality of life, and being better at a sport will increase both.  Because of this, I am extremely passionate on helping everyone achieve their fitness goals regardless of how small or large, tangible or intangible the goal seems.  Achieving your fitness goals, any goals for that matter, will amplify every aspect of your life."



Sunday:      Apt only

Monday:   7am – 7pm

Tuesday:   7am – 7pm

Wednesday: 7am – 7pm

Thursday: 7am – 7pm

Friday:     7am- 7pm

 Saturday: 9am – 1pm